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    Concern Over The Reaction To Ryback At WWE TLC

    Partial Source: PwinsiderBackstage at last night's TLC PPV, there was a lot of concern for the lack of pop that Ryback got when he came out for his match last night.Some were blaming the heel fans that were very loud in the crowd for the lack of reaction, but the feeling was that those same fans booed John Cena and were very vocal about their dislike of him.Keep in mind that ROH was "just down the road" at the Hammerstein Ballroom earlier in the day and a lot of those loyal and dieha...

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    It was a MARK crowd, filled with fans who are smart about wrestling. Of course Ryback isn't going to get a massive babyface pop when he's facing fans who grew up loving Goldberg. The same fans hate Sheamus cause of how generic of a character he's become and hate Cena for the same damn reasons. Then those same fans will cheer CM PUNK all night long, despite him calling them idiots.

    That's the type of crowds WWE is going to have to deal with nowadays. Why fight it? Work with it! Ryback gets Goldberg chants? Have him do more badass stuff so fans can buy into him more.
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