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    I had the misfortune of watching it with a friend who bitched the whole Shield match about the shield's in-ring ability sucking and how awful they were. I eventually had to have him hit the bricks, because either he was still upset that his football team got dominated earlier or he knows nothing about wrestling. The Shield was awesome and put on a great match. I was so impressed with them.

    And Sheamus has to go down into history IMO as Big Shows best opponent. Those two have good matches with each other.
    Sheamus has the athleticism and height to match-up with a tall ass guy like Big Show. I'd have to agree with you there~ And I would have a hard time believing that the Shield sucked inside of the ring. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins are great inside of the ring. The only one I am not sure about is Roman Reigns. I've missed quite a few episodes of NXT.
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    dolph won with the help of aj lee

    wwe: oh yes dolph might've won but if it wasnt for aj lee cena would've won instead.

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    What's likely to happen if he is the Champion going in to Mania, is he will take a back seat to Cena, Punk, Lesnar, Undertaker, and possibly HHH. I think it would better to hold off cashing in until after Mania.
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    I feel like Ziggler only won because John Cena is too good to be involved with the World Heavyweight Title.


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