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    Dolph Ziggler Main Evented A WWE PPV, And Won

    So the question now is... where do we go from here? I mean he is one of the BEST wrestlers right now and not only does he not have a Championship but truthfully after beating Cena, he has no direction. The last two Royal Rumble PPV events, he's had WWE Championship matches. Once against Edge and the next against CM Punk. But with Punk firmly in mode for The Rock, this leaves Ziggler out.

    My thought is that they're going to go one of two ways with this:

    1.) He wins the WHC at the Royal Rumble, considering I feel wholeheartedly that CM Punk is retaining his WWE Championship. They need something to make the "fans happy". Internet and live alike. It does make me wonder who will win the Rumble though at that point.

    2.) He holds it until Wrestlemania and cashes in on the biggest night, WINNING the WHC the right way. Hopefully someone other than Big Show will be WHC by then as well... I need to see a nice fast paced WHC match at 'Mania... and not just an 18 second one.

    What do you guys think? My mind is just blown still that Dolph Ziggler won the last PPV in 2012 and he main evented it as well... and got the insane pop he did.


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