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    Dolph Ziggler Main Evented A WWE PPV, And Won

    So the question now is... where do we go from here? I mean he is one of the BEST wrestlers right now and not only does he not have a Championship but truthfully after beating Cena, he has no direction. The last two Royal Rumble PPV events, he's had WWE Championship matches. Once against Edge and the next against CM Punk. But with Punk firmly in mode for The Rock, this leaves Ziggler out.

    My thought is that they're going to go one of two ways with this:

    1.) He wins the WHC at the Royal Rumble, considering I feel wholeheartedly that CM Punk is retaining his WWE Championship. They need something to make the "fans happy". Internet and live alike. It does make me wonder who will win the Rumble though at that point.

    2.) He holds it until Wrestlemania and cashes in on the biggest night, WINNING the WHC the right way. Hopefully someone other than Big Show will be WHC by then as well... I need to see a nice fast paced WHC match at 'Mania... and not just an 18 second one.

    What do you guys think? My mind is just blown still that Dolph Ziggler won the last PPV in 2012 and he main evented it as well... and got the insane pop he did.

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    dolph ziggler winning a main event ppv match... I am curious what flaw people will find in this ... I think he should cash it in at the rumble...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    dolph ziggler winning a main event ppv match... I am curious what flaw people will find in this ... I think he should cash it in at the rumble...
    I think someone else should come out and challenge him for the briefcase... Make it just as important as the title itself. He's already defended it twice a third defense would really show how important that MITB contract it. Then he can be in the elimination chamber match. Lose in it and then cash in on whoever wins.

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    Im going to stick by prediction I made when Big Show won the title that Ziggler will cash it in at the rumble against Orton after he takes it from Big Show.

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    well if you guy remember they posted an article a month ago saying that randy orton and ziggler will dominate the whc picture,so no big show in that picture.
    there better not be any spiders in that breifcase!!....or the grits gon hit the pan!! THAT BREIFCASE GON GET GOT!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_pipe_bomb View Post
    well if you guy remember they posted an article a month ago saying that randy orton and ziggler will dominate the whc picture,so no big show in that picture.
    Based on everything I've heard on here, this is how I see the timeline of events:

    Royal Rumble: Sheamus beats Big Show to regain the title
    Royal Rumble: Orton makes a surprise appearance in the Rumble match, firstly by taking out the Shield (who will dominate the match, Nexus style) and then winning it.
    Elimination Chamber: Sheamus retains to build momentum going into Wrestlemania, Orton heel turn
    Wrestlemania: Orton defeats Sheamus; Ziggler then cashes in and wins WHC,

    Thus setting up a year that could be dominated by Orton v Ziggler

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    That would mean Ziggler turns face, so at this time nothing can prove that. Del Rio turned face at TLC. Orton will probably turn heel in 2013. Yes we've heard that Orton could face Ziggler for the WHC at Mania with a feud around the WHC. But I really can not see Ziggler as a face in 2013, so I'm confused now. For me his WHC run will be a heel one.

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    Zigglers run will be a heel one, especially now with AJ by his side. Freshen things up. Think Edge and Lita hopefully.

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    I guess Ziggler will cash it on Randy Orton and thus will kick start Orton's heel run....

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    I'm glad someone else started this thread and not me, haha. Needless to say, I couldn't have been happier to see Ziggler pull down that briefcase. My hand still stings from high-fiving my buddy. I just had a pit in my stomach that Cena was taking home that briefcase to set up a unification match at Mania, despite the strong hints that AJ would get involved.

    So what's up next for ole Dolph? Solid question. For starters, I think him and AJ will eventually fully align, a la Lita and Edge. AJ is one of the most relevant and over (meaning she garners big reactions) diva in the last decade. Even if he doesn't enter a title feud immediately, his star will continue to shine as long as he's given the opportunity to cut great promos and get tons of TV time.

    What would I like to see? I'd like to see him capture the WHC ASAP. His momentum is at max speed right now. Whether its tonight at Raw or at the next PPV, the sooner Dolph can come out with the WHC over his shoulder and AJ at this side, the better. Sheamus and Show have fought at 3 straight PPVs, I'd be surprised if it goes to 4. If they really want to make Dolph look like a super confident badass heel, he could announce his cash-in weeks in advance, challenging Show at the Rumble.

    LAST NOTE: I LOVE that the Superkick is becoming his real true finisher. Check out this sentence and try not to smile: In consecutive PPVs, Dolph Ziggler has superkicked and defeated Randy Orton and John Cena, arguably (is Orton still?) the two biggest faces on the full-time roster.

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