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    Ryback vs Big Show/CM Punk vs Undertaker

    I have had countless WM predictions but these two I'm locking in.
    1.ryback vs big show- world title match. I now firmly believe show will be champ at WM and i firmly believe ryback will win the Royal Rumble because it has to be someone new and thwre is noone i want to see face big show besides ryback. Dolph's time will come but now maybe he can have his internet championship match he got zack ryder to agree to.
    2.CM punk vs Undertaker- WWE title match. There is no way cm punk is losing against rock or in the EC and taker is the only logical choice for cm punk's opponent in my opinion.
    So Wat do u guys think of my predictions?
    I'm the best in the world, and you can rest in piece.


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