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    Could 2013 be the Year of Indy wrestling?

    With several promotions starting up or making a come back or new ownership.....
    I want to raise the question could we see Indy wrestling prosper in 2013 more??? Follow up question how will it help or effect WWE and TNA and ROH????

    Here several things I'm going mention, for months we been seeing where the NWA got new ownership/management.... Which I think is kinda a good thing due to all the politics that surrounded the belt and belts in the past 6 years..... Lately one been reading of all the new NWA promotions and all the ones leaving the company banner... Which is also a good thing if all parties are successful..... Then you have Shimmer which is expanding into other markets/cities to tape...

    Then you have OVW which is pretty much directly involved with TNA in training most of their younger talent...
    Then FCW/NXT for the WWE....
    Then in Women wrestling the relaunch of WOW Women of Wrestling.....

    Lastly i think 2013 will be a make or break year in wrestling..... WWE, TNA, ROH, NWA, Women, International, and Independent scene I have a feeling lots of memorable moments will be among us!!..... Be it a retirement or 2, some 1 time only matches, and big debuts....
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