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    Too much Miz TV

    I'm a fan of The Miz and all, but do we really need to see the talk show segment every single week? When MizTV first started out, it was only once or twice a month, which was fine. In fact, that's right where it should be. Once on Raw, and once on SmackDown. But now it's turning into overkill. They already had it this week featuring Cody's mustache, and the week before that it was CM Punk's lie detector test. Team Hell No is featured on SmackDown tonight, and there's going to be another segment at Tribute to the Troops with The Muppets. I'm sure there will be a Christmas edition before the month is over too.

    I don't recall Peep Show, Highlight Reel, Cutting Edge, or VIP Lounge EVER getting featured so often, and they shouldn't have been. A talk show segment is fine to do every now and then as a special treat, but it shouldn't be a weekly deal.

    On a side note, I've noticed that with the increase of MizTV, The Miz himself barely wrestles anymore. In fact, he hasn't wrestled on Raw or SmackDown since his face turn at Survivor Series. Unless creative is planning on having him replace Vickie Guerrero as the GM, then it dosen't make any sense.

    Just saying. MizTV is great, and talk show segments have always been a part of WWE. But they need to cut it back some.


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