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    AJ Styles leaving...

    I don't know where I'm going now or what's the next step, I'm taking a break,...

    Once in a while, you hear wrestlers say these words and it doesn't take long to have them refocused and in a feud where they get back on top of the mountain or they make surprise enterances at a ppv to win some kind of rumble; but the way AJ Styles brought the message this last thursday, made me feel.. well, I can't really describe it.. curious?

    I thought that AJ Styles would focus on the X-division again, because it's one of his only ways left to get a WHC title shot at Destination X. I thought a possible feud would be very entertaining with Austin Aries because he also had his mind set on the X-division for a brief moment, until he got in this Hogan-pushing-button thing.
    It would make the X-division look very powerfull again...

    But since last episode of impact, I'm really wondering how he will return? As a loner, as a selfish heel, against the company or using the company, ???

    Your thoughts...


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