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    Yep and obviously Ryback has to go over.

    But back to Punk Vs Rock. I pray the Shield are able to attack Rock and cost him at Royal Rumble. That way guys like Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollin are even more noticed taking out The Rock. It can lead to a great storyline between the two. Our have The Rock Win, Cena cash in on The Rock. Punk and Rock demand rematches and bamn. Punk Vs Rock Vs Cena at mania. I would love to see that.
    That can't/shouldn't happen as the MITB contract Cena has a chance of winning is for the World Heavyweight Championship. God knows Cena doesn't need to be in another Wrestlemania main event.

    I don't have a problem with the Rock coming back, I'm a Rock fan. I just don't want him to win the title otherwise it makes Punk's reign lose meaning and makes the best in the world look like he can beat everyone on the active roster but can't beat a part timer.

    Clandestine knows the feeling Spidey.


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