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    NXT Season 3: All Divas Thoughts

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm actually looking forward to this season. Not as much as I did the last few, but I still think this season has the potential to be pretty good. Here is the roster:

    Kelly Kelly / Naomi Night
    - Real name: Trinity McCray

    Alicia Fox / Maxine

    Goldust / Aksana
    - Real name: Zivile Raudoniene

    The Belly Twins / Jamie Keyes
    - Real name: Brittany Beede

    Primo / AJ Lee
    - Real name: April Jeanette

    Vickie Guerrero / Aloisia
    - Indy Name: Isis the Amazon

    Now I've been hearing people assume that this season is gonna suck all because it just has divas. That just annoys me. My thing is _ give the divas a chance to impress. Yes, I am completely aware of how badly the divas have been booked in WWE. Still, we shouldn't assume these divas are gonna be even worst. The fact that WWE is even giving these divas an entire show should indicate they plan on booking them right in some kind of fashion. Why give them a one hour show if they are not?

    I mean, you guys have your opinions, but I think people should at least watch the first show before judging how good or bad it is gonna be. The divas on here look very promising. A.J. Lee is gonna tear shit up. Aloisia looks freaking massive!! Naomi Night is a pretty good wrestler too. Hey guys, you never know. They could impress. That is why I'm gonna tune into next week.

    What are your thoughts?

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    It's worth giving a chance since I'm curious about what the crowds reaction would be to that giant woman they signed.
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    i like this idea hopefully the rookies are a lot better than there pros and will help improve the womans division

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    I'll atleast watch the first episode.

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    I'm cautiously optimistic about this. With the challenges it will be more like Diva Search meets NXT. I wonder how many of these girls will get a chance to move up in the roster, like the other seasons where several, if not all, have.

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    I have a feeling that the divas are going to get better. with the unification of the belts and bringing in these new divas the current divas will have to up their game to get some air time. cept for bella twins, they'll just hang out with a celeb for five minutes

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    I'm gonna watch it, I think it will be decent. I think Aloisia will win then debut on Raw or SD & dominate until beth comes back & then we will see them clash.

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    I think this NXT is to bring that tall diva. But that is my opinion....either way its interesting nonetheless.

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    It's kind of a cool change but I was really looking forward to seeing Tyler Black. Then again he will probably get repackedged with some shitty gimmick or he will have to change his name to Blackie Tyler or some nonsense (I mean seriously Vince, Daniel Bryan? Was Bryan Danielson not PG enough for you)
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    I will probally just watch the first episode. At least they are ging Golddust something to do.


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