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Thread: So, Fandango?

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    So, Fandango?

    Guess they realized that it was a lame gimmick and there was nothing there? No ad's in almost three weeks for him. He doesn't need that to come into the picture anyway. Hopefully they find something better than a dancing gimmick. How would you bring in Johnny Curtis if given the choice?

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    Automatic said in the original about him he heard hed be at TLC or Raw after,actually....So we'll see I guess.
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    They kept aborting Brodus Clay's "funkasaurus" debut too and look at the heights he has climbed to with that gimmi.....oh, wait

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    I dont like the guy .. either way its gonna be a mid card fail

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    Let him be a sleaze.

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    I see a little silhouetto of a man SCARAMOUCH SCARAMOUCH

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    Quote Originally Posted by B-MCINTYRE View Post
    Let him be a sleaze.
    They did that on NXT. He played it well, McGillicutty as his tag partner participated well also. Was the most emotion I've ever seen on Hennig's face.. what says nothing, but still..
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    I was looking forward to his debut,oh well.

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    never been impressed by johnny curtis, maybe he isnt capable to work a crowd or just isnt great on the mic at all, he is under development if the wwe development team thinks he doesnt have what it takes then it's probably why he hasnt made his debut yet.

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    Yeah I'm not really a fan, I don't dislike the guy but in the same breath I'm yet to be impressed with him.. so I was surprised when I seen him being advertised with the vignettes in the first place.

    I would agree with what's already been said, let him be a sleaze, maybe have a bigger guy with him, simliar to HBK and Nash or what TNA are kind of doing with Ryan and Morgan.

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