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    Im a new jobber for your forums:)

    Hi, i joined these forums after i found this site. I had an account on another wrestling websites forums, but never really liked it. so i joined these forums and hope to enjoy discussing about the greatest thing to enter my life(besides family) WRESTLING.
    I was literally born into watching wrestling because of my older brothers.

    Im am planning to join a wrestling school this summer in hopes of not letting my dream fly by and go to waste. If there is anything anybody would like to tell me about wrestling school please share them. and i also have one question.

    i know their not soft and depends on the type of ring matterial. but if anybody with the experiance who stepped inside a ring. Can you tell how hard is it.

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    Welcome to the boards.

    Good luck with the wrestling and don't forget us if you make it to the big time, backstage passes and photos with Divas and/or Knockouts.

    Oh and mind the penguins.

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    welcome to the boards man!

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    Welcome aboard, have fun and good luck with your wrestling!

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    Welcome to the forums dude!

    In regards to your question, it really depends on the ring. My buddy (who is an independant wrestler) has a ring set up in his garage that he uses to stay sharp in. Man that thing SUCKS to take a bump in! After about 5 or so bumps in that thing, you'll start to get a dull headache. On the other hand, I went to a local event several months ago (which oddly enough was headlined by Buff Bagwell) and they let the fans explore the ring. The padding was alot softer and looked more accomodating, and the ring had more "give".

    Also if you've ever just watched the rings in WWE and TNA, you'd notice the WWE ring is alot softer and gives more than the TNA ring. I chalk that up to how the tech guys put it up.

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    With an introduction like this you would most definitely be a keeper. Welcome to the forums!
    Hey.. I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know.


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    Welcome man! All the best with the wrestling dream bro and hope you enjoy it here.

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    Welcome to the forums fella!

    And a wrestling ring seriously depends on what kind of material is used. Its made mostly of plywood and aluminum for that pop sound and a little bit of padding or a lot of padding makes all the difference.

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    Welcome to EWN!
    Have fun posting!
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    I hope you have fun here

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