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    Quote Originally Posted by Cynicism View Post
    Actually could be that combined with the lack of tag team system. How many of the tag team division is also the mid card title division these days? No Power & Glory, Demolition, LOD, Rock & Roll Express, Midnight Express......... it cant be all HBK's fault for having such success after his tag split but the tag and mid card divisions are pretty much the same thing, over populated but by the same people
    That's fair. though I think there are like ten tag teams in the wwe right now. fair that we don't have any to their prestige.... but that's still quite a tag team card.
    Quote Originally Posted by Double Axehandle View Post
    Brad maddox is like a homosexual pigeon with brain damage.

    That boy is all kinds of messed up.
    I don't know why you even posted this. I don't see a problem with people being homosexual or pigeons.... trolling?

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