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    How would you have booked the Survivor Series 2001 WCW VS WWF Match

    Back in 2001 the biggest storyline going on was the invasion angle with the WWE, WCW, and ECW. A lot of people called the angle a disgrace so I want to see who did you want to see fight in the Elimination match that had occurred back in 2001.

    For WCW I would have

    Diamond Dallas Page- Top star in WCW, the original peoples champion, I would have him debut and immediately feud with The Rock.

    Sting- Its Sting he was basically WCW.

    Goldberg- Powerhouse, the man everybody would worry about the most going into the match.

    Rhyno- Last ECW Champion, deserves to be in this match after making huge impacts such as goring both The Rock and Jericho.

    Rob Van Dam- Another man from ECW, he was the probably the best pure wrestler on the team, and I would have him go undefeated defeating various WCW, and WWF superstars.


    Stone Cold Steve Austin- Top star in WWF.

    The Rock- Same as Stone Cold

    Chris Jericho- Former WCW superstar, wants revenge for how they treated him.

    The Undertaker- The Big Dog, basically the back bone of the team.

    Kurt Angle- Olympic Hero.

    How would you guys book yours.

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    Problem is Sting, Goldberg, among others didn't want to work for Vince. Most of these guys decided to stay home while getting payed.


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