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    Lack of simply working out properly,as someone else said. Brodus Clay supposed to be "Unstoppable" ....? The man's a dancing buffoon goofball...The minute he got in there with a "Real" monster,it would have been all over for him...I don't think there was enough aggression or fierceness though there either...The man's supposed to be tough and mean but he's always smiling...Face or not monsters DON'T smile and laugh and joke around.
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    Under the ring before big show tears it down.
    its pretty simple really.
    The way the wwe makes huge stars nowadays is making them face jobbers or local wrestlers
    at the start of it all the iwc and fans in general say "lets give them a shot hopefully just because they are big doesnt mean they are sloppy"
    after months of winning matches the iwc and the crowd couldnt give two shits anymore about these guys and ask for them to get better matches against mid carders
    but when the wwe tries to do just that they stop
    they break the streak because many guys on the mid card section and main event section shouldnt lose to this guy because then they would be the ones losing credibility.
    but i still think the wwe screwed over ryback BIG TIME
    he should've slowly and progressively climbed up the ladder but instead what did they do?
    they started at the bottom giving him jobbers and nobodies for him to wrestle
    and then all of the sudden in a blink of an eye ryback was on top of the ladder completely skipping the middle of it.
    he should've went after guys like cesaro, barrett, del rio, guys who are on the main event scene and only after years of staying there winning ic and us tittles is when he should be pushed to the main event scene to beat down the big guys.
    but the way of the wwe to build a star nowadays is more like a rushed thing
    they push u on ur back and tell u to break a leg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by URATOOL View Post
    Why are all 'unstoppable' gimmicks so short lived these days? See Tensai and Brodus for modern examples.

    Back in the old days (various eras) we had guys who were billed as unstoppable monsters or unstoppable big guys. Yes they lost from time to time, but the feeling there was fear of facing them never really went away. Whether it was Nash, Taker, Umaga, Vader etc... whilst they lost matches and 'jobbed' from time to time I don't remember huge jobbing streaks. Now a days it would seem you are unstoppable until you are beaten and then you job for months on end.

    Is it bad booking alone or a we just getting what we want. The next 'big' thing! Over and over again.
    I think its WWE fault with the way they trying to sell these guys and the lack of managers in wwe but also its fans "fault" too."Fault" by the meaning that people are more interested to watch guys like CM Punk or Daniel Bryan.Fans in these days prefer the small guys instead of the big unstoppable guys.Its a problem that WWE has to face now and in the coming years.But they already doing good job with Ryback and Bray Wyatt.But they will have to search to find some new big guys or repackage the guys that already have.Because lets face it guys like Show and Henry won't be in WWE forever


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