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    The Shield/ryback dilemma tlc 2012

    So with tlc coming up and shield vs hell no and ryback officially declared to be the main event the wwe has to find a way they can keep ryback dominant and keep his push up but also not to make shield look weak and get squashed. Will ryback suffer his third consecutive defeat at a ppv or will the shield lose their first ppv and their momentum.So there are a number of scenarios that could happen and below is just a few of my opinions:
    1. Maddox is appointed referee for the match, screws the faces, becomes member of shield(or not)
    - on a side note if maddox isnt used here vickie could make him ref zigs/cena instead, screw cena so dolphs still got the case. We still dnt know why maddox wouldnt count aj's pin on vickie yet.
    2. New members of the shield are revealed, interfere and again cost the faces.
    - i like this idea, ryback could dominate then another couple members rush him. The flipside to this is would you prefer two guys say like mcgillicuty and kassius ohno or a powerhouse that could rival ryback say like big e.langston. i know reigns is supposed to be the enforcer but i cant help but think ryback would take him out on a one-on-one situation(the way he is being pushed)
    3. Punk does a run in and costs ryback just as he is about to win. Now punk has declared himself medically fit for tlc and we know the punk-ryback title match is gonna happen before the rumble, so this would set that up say as a last chance title match for ryback which he loses, leavin punk vs rock and ryback free for someone else.

    Those are just a couple of my thoughts on any swerves that could happen in that match. This is mt first thread, please reply and look forward to your feedback and opinions.

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