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    Angry Let's talk about how crap TNA is

    It's like the wcw with a lot less money and exposure. I am in favor of 2 or more companies in this industry because competition is a great thing it makes everyone better. TNA is sucking because of mismanagement and now they have Brooke and Eric's kid as future stars even though they both suck harder than a dyson vacuum, amazing! Vince is so good because he reigns in shit ideas whereas the brass at TNA welcome the crap and call it genius. This company should be based around the future and mainstays like styles and joe not clowns like hardy who is one hit away from an OD. Even guys like sting and hogan are useless because they just aren't marketed correctly. The job of the old established guys is to push new talent not compete for the title taking up a young, fresh wrestlers spot. Is there hope for this company? Yes but it will take someone other than the goons that ran wcw into the ground to do it.
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