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    The Rivalry...

    The rivalry between AJ-styles and Christopher Daniels has been expended throughout the years and more than 100 matches and still, everytime I see these 2, they keep me watching and cheering for one or the other. This time (Final Resolution 2012) I actually liked that Daniels got a clean win over AJ, because the last couple of months (since after the Claire Lynch debacle) he is just so damn good in his heel character; entertaining as a talker and superb in the ring; that I just can't wait to see what's next for him and Kazarian. And offcourse it's the next step in breaking down AJ to the ground to build him up again in a "renewed" style, maybe heel again?

    One can only hope that the rivalry between Punk and Bryan in WWE will ever get that same "panache", time and in ring suspense than AJ and The Fallen Angel. We have briefly seen what's possible with these 2 and when you look at Austin and Rock, who fought about 3 times for the title, it is obvious that "The Rivalry" doesn't need to be about anything more or less than 2 guys trusting and knowing each other blindfully...

    Your thoughts...


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