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    Quote Originally Posted by THE HEARTBREAK KID View Post
    So if I said.. do you want a tissue bro after something you said, you would take it well would you? No you wouldn't.. I didn't take it well either, call me butthurt or what ever you would like, I just feel as a mod, you should have set a better example.

    I don't hold grudges and I'm not one for causing trouble, I just feel like had I been speaking with TDA or someone like Kash they would have handled the situation better.. I feel you let yourself down, it's not about personality, because you seem a funny guy normally, just a shame you reacted like that and I took it like you were calling me a cry baby or something and again.. had I said that to you, it's likely you would not have taken it very well either, do you agree?.
    I concede you have a fair point. Like I said, it's open to interpretation but it wasn't intended as snarky as it may have come across. But there it is. Sorry about that.

    Now, if we could just get, I mean Dennis to stay on his own side of the fence, it might make things easier.


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