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    Quote Originally Posted by Playboy Stevie V View Post
    Everyone has an opinion and a certain taste when it comes to what entertains you personally and what does not. I respect everyone's opinion, as long as it's educated in the matter.

    With that said IMO, I always liked Del Rio. People can say he's a JBL and Ted Sr rip off, but hell everything in wrestling was ripped off from somewhere else. Like I've said before, "wrestling IS copyright infringement." So we are not liking Del Rio strictly cause his character is likened to one from the past, it'd be hard to like any wrestler.

    You say his promos are boring, okay. I like his promos. It's heelish, sinister and totally arrogant.

    His in ring skills aren't that great? I'd disagree with that. His matches are usually the best match on either Smackdown or Raw. Orton Del Rio matches on smackdown and this past Monday against Botch Cara, all very good matches. Shit even Cara had a good match and credit that to Del Rio knowing how to work with a luchador, and every other style for that matter.

    People who I can't stand and think absolutely suck IMO and taste is wrestlers like Santino and Zack Ryder. Those are my piss break talent. But they are popular for some other fans, so I know they have their fan base and purpose, so I accept it.

    One thing I've learned about the industry, is what I feel is entertaining does not necessarily speak for the masses, so never confuse your personal preference to actual marketability and ticket sales because 9 times out of 10 your opinion doesn't matter to the promotion at large. There's a reason why a wrestler is where he is at and he wouldn't be in the big leagues if really sucked that bad.
    to be fair a lot of the reason he can work with Sin Cara so well now is that they had a few meetings in CMLL but still, I agree, there isn't anything that Del Rio is really bad at, I just think his giimmick needs work.

    Say my name and his in the same breath, I dare you to say they taste they same.

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    Del Rio comes on I fast forward, end of story... sorry dude, liked him in mexico though
    just because i didn't agree doesn't mean i didn't listen, it just means you were wrong. Now go away please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaberToothTigerz View Post
    Seriously havent you all seen it?
    Alberto del rio sucks
    and i dont just mean his gimmick, personality or whatever i mean EVERYTHING about him sucks!!!
    and no dont make me go watch his stuff when he was in mexico wrestling, i only care about how he is portrayed in the wwe right now.
    The wwe is where the big league's at and many other guys who also happen to be heels can do a much better job at entertaining us than alberto del rio in my opinion. Dolph ziggler, cm punk even Big slow are better contenders for good storylines.
    But then u got alberto del rio...lemme tell u EXACTLY what i find wrong in del rio.
    First of all his looks: he looks generic, he has the looks of a rich mexican which is usually what we dont associate mexicans with, now as for the gimmick itself alberto del rio is a semi ripoff of million dollar man and jbl, these smug snob rich fellow heels are getting really old and stale, imo del rio is nothing but a cheap recyclable version of that gimmick.
    Second we got his moveset: Sure i know the wwe hinders a wrestler's moveset by alot to not use all of his full arsenal in the ring, they are allowed only to use a set of moves but all of the ones they know of and learned to use from time to time in developemental, but del rio's moveset makes matches very predictable and dull, as soon as the bell rings this guy quickly starts punching the shoulders of someone else and kicking their knees, then he pushes them to a corner and does the enziguri after he's pushed away, very predictable and sloppy matches.
    Thidrly Del rio cant cut promos! For a whole year throughout 2010 to mid 2011 del rio only said "it is my destiny to be the doubliu doubliu EEE shampioonh" i mean for crying out loud..this guy has no charisma, cant hold a microphone well and his stupid wink is annoying as hell!!!
    this guy cant keep us entertained and yet he's pushed to the main event!!!!
    The storyline of cena vs punk in 2011 was ruined for two cases: Triple H butting in and del rio added to the mix!!!
    that's how much this guy really sucks!!!
    Del rio is the most boring, uninteresting heel in this company at the present time!!! alongside with lord tensai
    but del rio is far more worse because untill this day he's being pushed, though not so much lately he's a little bit away from the wwe tittle cuz punk is a heel and as a heel champion wwe usually keeps their hands off other heels from getting a shot due to a possible bad chemistry, which has proven to be in effect to whoever is holding the tittle and has to go against del rio.
    Not only THAT del rio is extremely forgettable as a champion, seriously how many times has he been champion? 2 or 3? i cant remember sorry.
    PRESICELY why i dont even know or care how many times this guy has been champion, all i remember about him is losing to edge at mania 27 and winning the rumble in 2011 THAT'S ABOUT IT!
    now he's dragging down sin cara for whatever fucking reason that is I DONT KNOW! but not only that he's still being featured high on the card and it really is a bad way to push someone lacking talent as alberto del rio, where u could focus more on guys who do really have talent like dolph ziggler and cody rhodes! i know ziggler is getting a small push but will he ever be a wwe champion like alberto del rio?
    that's MY QUESTION! because for as long as these two guys cody and ziggler dont get the main tittle i wont stop bitching about how bad del rio is and how he got handed everything in a silver platter!
    this guy is extremely overrated, extremely boring, one dimensional, sloppy, stale, good for nothing time consuming predictable uninteresting heel wrestler that the wwe has been head over clouds trying to effortivessly pushing and who in the long run will eventually leave the company in 4 or 5 years because he already revealed his current plans on how much time he wants to continue wrestle.
    This is a guy that will threaten to leave if he doesnt get what he wants, he nearly left last year before he was handed the wwe tittle and vince mcmahon who was over with this guy obviously gave it to him, making the tittle lose prestige with a 1 or 2 month only reign with del rio as it's holder. AND this was also a good killer for the whole cena vs punk storyline.
    Now del rio is beating down sin cara almoust every single week and he's currently doing nothing after having one of the most boring feuds ever with randy orton.
    What did he claimed he was? oh yea "i'm the real eite pax predatoorr" really? this is the best they can make him say? or are these his own best lines?
    either way del rio is either too limited to cut a promo or the wwe is just joking with this guy, whatever or whichever that may be del rio bores the crap out of me and he's one of the main guys i want to see gone.

    P.S i know some of you will disagree and maybe not read my full text due to lack of ponctuation and bad grammar but i really had to get this off my chest and share with u all.
    Saying Alberto Del Rio sucks is okay because most of the EWN, or certain "moderators" agree. If you said he was awesome, you'd probably get black balled and receive a bunch of cheapshots by a "moderator" and then get your blogs turned away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior View Post
    Saying Alberto Del Rio sucks is okay because most of the EWN, or certain "moderators" agree. If you said he was awesome, you'd probably get black balled and receive a bunch of cheapshots by a "moderator" and then get your blogs turned away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior View Post
    Saying Alberto Del Rio sucks is okay because most of the EWN, or certain "moderators" agree. If you said he was awesome, you'd probably get black balled and receive a bunch of cheapshots by a "moderator" and then get your blogs turned away.
    The moderators don't have anything to do with blogs getting approved or rejected, so you might want to find a new drum to bang on.

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