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    I can only go ahead and make predictions based on the information presented to me. So far the information presented is that RVD hasn't resigned with TNA. Like I said earlier that if RVD does resign with TNA I would love to see him hold the X-Division Championship and then cash it in and win just like Austin Aries did. That would make the X-Division championship that much more valuable. However if it is the latter I think he should drop it in a long storyline to a younger talent to elevate said talent.
    If that's your logic in thought though, then Hardy, Roode, Aries, Styles, Daniels... Pretty much everyone who hasn't signed a new contract within the last 3 months is up for the thought that they won't return. Meaning that Bully, Devon, Morgan, Eric Young, and VelVel are the only roster members who aren't "possibly" jumping ship because the information of them resigning hasn't been presented to you, Pete. If RVD was a month or less from a contract expiration (say like the Dudley's were), then I can understand the theories of a jump becoming closer to a reality to you - from what I have read, RVD is still about half a year out from being at that point. There will be plenty of time to assume this, so why rush it now?

    Even if I don't agree with the first bit, I do agree with where your head is on the matter. If RVD does have the inclination of not signing back with TNA then he should use this time to help push another up and comer. With his status as a "Diva", it wouldn't be what I'd expect out of Rob but I could see him doing this for someone like King. King has made it well known just how much he respects RVD and how his style is what inspired King to become the type of wrestler he is. RVD, as we all know, seems to love being sucked up to so I could see this King getting that rub from Rob because RVD generally admires his athletic abilities and plus he's a fan of RVD.

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    I'd rather masturbate to your picture of Carnage.

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    DRG hates everyone


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