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    Idea for the X-Division Championship

    We all know that ever since Austin Aries dropped the X-Division Championship the title has been lackluster at best without any real feuds. I mean RVD vs Zema Ion had one week of "build" before BFG, then RVD vs Joey Ryan seemed more about Matt Morgan, and now RVD vs Kenny King is getting that one week "build" again. I think to keep the X-Division Championship interesting TNA should have Zema Ion and Kid Kash interfere in the match making it a no contest. Then at Genesis you have Kenny King vs RVD vs Zema Ion vs Kid Kash for the X-Division Championship with King winning it. Then to keep the feud between RVD and King going have them go at it one more time at Lockdown in a barbed wire cage match letting King pin RVD clean thus putting him over. Now here is were my idea gets a little crazy. TNA actually starts promoting the X-Division Champion and put him in actual feuds for the title. Well that's my idea, what do you guys think?


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