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    Kevin Steen to me is the most talented guy in the indys right now. (and the best wrestler on the Ring of Honor roster) I think his feuds are always amazing (especially his with El Generico) and his mic work is great as well. His moveset is also very innovative though I doubt they let him use his package piledriver in the WWE. But with his size and look do you think WWE would give him a chance. They have given guys like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, chances but they are not as 'heavy-set' as Kevin Steen. One could make a case that they signed Colt Cabana who wasn't the most fit guy in the wrestling world, but they made him look like a jobber. Do you guys think they would sign Steen, and if so do you see him being a big star in WWE?
    Steen is one of the best in the Indy circuit now, for sure. However, I don't think Steen can be Steen and be PG. If he can get away with having his character watered down, I think he will be an amazing fit anywhere on TV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    Kevin Steen himself will never be in WWE.
    Will someone else similar to him be signed in the future? Who knows, time will tell I guess. WE'll have to wait an see what (if any) policies HHH will have in regards to signing new talent when he takes over WWE.
    They will change his name to Joey Smith.

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    He is great but he will simply not fit into a WWE PG show. Want an example see every show he does!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cabers View Post
    He is great but he will simply not fit into a WWE PG show. Want an example see every show he does!!
    Wrong thread dammit!

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    DRG hates everyone

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    If Steen moved up it would be tna they have the TV 14 rating and I think give. His ability he would do great if booked properly
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