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    Santino Marella.

    I love Santino Marella. I think he makes a great face, and an even better heel (look at his work back in 07-08) and I love how much of the IWC and Fans alike are behind him. I feel Santino deserves a major title, but do you guys think its possible for Santino to somehow win a major title. Our do you think the way Santino has been built up with his comedic antics, that he could never be a world champion. But if you guys remember when he was in the Elimination Chamber, and was about to win the Royal Rumble the fans went crazy, and I'm sure they could have made a Santino win in one of those matches believable. And I'm pretty sure there would be plenty people who may get behind a Santino World Title Reign. Would you? And how would you accomplish this?


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