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    Eddie Guerrero or Chris Benoit

    Okay random thread, but I was watching Vengeance 2003 when Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero wrestled each other in a truly great match. I know there history are very similar both got started in ECW where they put on classic techincal matches (along with Dean Malenko and 2 Cold Scorpio) and how they both went to WCW. Though Benoit would see more success there winning The WCW United States Championship and World Heavyweight Championship. But then both finally went to WWE and became two of the best pure wrestlers in the WWE. Both winning major titles, with Eddie Guerrero winning the WWE title, and Benoit winning the World Title. Both put on classic matches, and gave us great moments. But my question is (putting aside Benoit's despicable murder) what wrestler do you think was the best of the two overall. Which wrestler did you enjoy seeing more, week and an week out.

    To me I enjoyed seeing Benoit more I thought his matches where better, and I lived the ruthless aggression he showed, and I always look forward to seeing how he would slap on the crossface. And his match at Wrestlemania with HHH and HBK will always be my favorite Wrestlemania match of all time. So yea Benoit gets my vote.


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