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    yea, my friend and I often debate which band is better fatm or paramore... and his case is always that florence is not as good as a singer... which just happens to be an opinion, one that we disagree on so I get what you mean when you say you can't really be apologetic for things that you like. Do you like any bands lead by females? I know sometimes that's the problem people have with fatm.
    Paramore better than Florence? I wouldn't even be able to take that person seriously. That's like comparing a burger from McDonald's to some aged Kobe beef.

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    that's fair... I just didn't see the point in having them. I'm not saying they were super low points I did rate the album very highly.
    Maybe they wanted to write something that served as connective tissue for two other ideas. Not every thing a musician comes up with needs to be a full-blown song, especially so when it comes to prog-rock musicians filled to the gills with hallucinogens. Thoughts, ideas, and concepts can be fleeting. Excising said ideas just to adhere to some kind of standard length convention seems artistically and intellectually dishonest (and, frankly, kind of boring).

    Also, albums without texture often feel like just random collections of songs instead of cohesive wholes. And I personally like artists who write albums, not bands that write just songs.

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