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    Quote Originally Posted by magglis View Post
    But that's my point they don't use it to discuss about music they just posting songs from youtube.The same problem was with movies htread and that lead Ape to change the title
    So if someone wants to discuss music they can come here... and if they want to look at hyperlinks for songs that fellow members like they can go there I don't see the problem
    Quote Originally Posted by AshleyPunk View Post
    Oh course he is..I was a fan of Nirvana first and Kurt Cobain is one of my musical heroes, as is Grohl ..I think that both of them have different styles but, he has applied the grunge roots to some excellent tracks..That album is excellent
    I agree, Obviously foo fighters are more of a radio friendly grunge (neo grunge/ post grunge) but they for sure have similarities.
    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    It's good news. Songs For The Deaf was by far the best QOTSA album in my opinion. Grohl, apart from being a good singer/songwriter is one of this generations most outstanding drummers.
    I'm hoping the stories of Trent Reznor being connected to this project will mean he is producing the album.
    Reznor is gold as far as music goes so I hope your right about him producing it.... That could put this new album to the next level.


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