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    I have gotten to a point where Music isn't being played in my vehicle in favor of podcasts. There's just something a bit more relaxing on the way to work or home with hearing a discussion on a topic of interest rather than switching radio stations or songs. They are at a point where they cover numerous topics so if you have something that interests you, chances are that there's a podcast for it.

    I'm big into wrestling podcasts for sure. The Podcast 1 shows are filled with too many commercials but there is some good conversations being had; be it the Eric Bischoff or Vince Russo interviews on Stone Cold's Podcast or Drew Galloway and Paul Heyman/Edge on Talk is Jericho. Steer clear of Goldberg though; that show sucks.

    Busted Open Radio has featured some awesome interviews, the MLW gives you the jaded perspective of the wrestling business, and there are many fancasts out there that feature more of a round table discussions from many differing perspectives of wrestling fans... They definitely are not the kiddy vLogs that you hear from WD_08.

    Has anyone else been listening to podcasts? If so, what kind are your favorites? I am always down to hear some new ones that I can check out so let me know.

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    Wrestling Compadres on is a decent wrestling one, a bit different from your usual but they have Booker T on regularly and Xavier Woods. They've interviewed the likes of Rollins, Orton and Big E lately.

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    How Did This Get Made is a must listen.
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