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    When WWE DVDs don;t have the music from the PPV.

    OK. I recently bought WrestleMania XXVII on DVD, for the simple reason it's a WrestleMania and for the awesome entrances of Triple H and Undertaker. Now I got the DVD and went straight to the No Holds Barred Match, and instead of hearing Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls", I get an ugly ass song, probably made and recorded last minute for the DVD. And then I thought my purchase would be justified by hearing Johnny Cash's "Ain't No Grave" would bring in Undertaker's badass entrance, but I hear Undertaker's entrance theme play from him entering the arena to him walking into the ring. The match was still good though. Now, WrestleMania 27 was simply the worst WrestleMania of all time, and one of my hooks for keeping it was taken away. I'll keep it for the sake of it completing my collection.

    This isn't the only DVD I was duped because WE didn't want to pay rights to bands and artist, I remember WrestleMania X-Seven in the WrestleMania anthology, and I'm sure in the official DVD too. Austin/Rock have the best rivalry in WrestleMania History, and the promo for the best match of their series was at WM17 was great and well timed to Limp Bizkit's "My Way" but that's not what I got on the DVD. A stupid looping thrown together rap song was made.

    I even found the videos on Youtube with the proper song to it, but big surprise WWE takes them off. That just sucked. I understand that artists must be paid with green, but don't sell me something great on PPV for one night only, and sell me the same thing smothered in shit.

    And I know this happened on other DVDs too, WWE, so pay what the artists need for royalties, and if they demand a lot of money to be stingy, then announce their greed and anal behavior, but don't cheat out us fans.

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