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    Cool Add a "thunderdome"

    Personally I laugh stuff off very easily until people get pissy and on a high horse trying to bring me down.

    So I'd love to see a new area on the forum, a "hidden sub forum" where viewing is prohibited to the general public and to all members except to those members being granted access through request. It would be a mature part of the website where the conversation could be taken up a notch and move outside the rules currently enforced on all other sub forums. It would be a place of battle where members could go at it with very few restrictions on what is "not allowed." I sent my idea to rob already and I'd like to get feed back on adding this to the forum area. Other sites have a similar theme where 1 single sub forum is the uncensored warzone so it's not unheard of and there's enough sub forums to base the area on it shouldnt be too much of a stretch. Just a thought.
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