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    Yes. Ziggler would probably be in the TNA World Title hunt. he would have epic matches with Styles and Hardy and Aries. He would also have a different character in TNA. He would have a different persona. And DEFINITELY A DIFFERENT NAME. In which if he wasn't so corny and cheesy now I'd probably be a fan. Just the name alone makes me laugh and think of Rocky IV..."if he dies, he dies".

    And yes, I know Ziggles is a good performer, and very athletic, and works his tail off....but so does Kofi Kingston. It's funny that all of Ziggles' fans want him to the be the face of the company. And then they also want CM Punk to the be face of the company...and they want Daniel Bryan to be thd face of the company....and Damien Sandow, and Antonio Cesaro. Wade Barrett, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are already first ballot Hall of Famers....LOL.
    As a fan of "wrestling" I understand where your beef is at the moment with all things tied to the E Universe... Trust me, I have been there. But the fact remains that there have been people to work past the names given to them just because their workrate was stellar (I don't think anyone wanted to be a monster in a suit and tie that was billed from Death Valley and was a "harvester of souls" but the gimmick/name evolved from what should have been another Giant Gonzalez, Hercules, or Adam Bomb into something that was associated with killer matches due to the persons workrate).

    Yes, people over step their bounds and try to place more glory upon the shoulders of people before they have proven a thing, but the likes of Ziggler (and Kofi as a pure face - we won't know what his potential is unless he is given the go as a heel) have put in the time and work to contiue developing inring. They have pushed past the initial opinion that they should be given enough credit to "try" to advance in the company. Give them the ball and let them run with it just to see where they are in 3 months. TNA did that with Aries and the guy is more over now than he was going into the Destination X match. Why can't Ziggler be given the same credit when he is obviously (to me at least) the hardest working man on that roster?

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    I'd rather masturbate to your picture of Carnage.

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    DRG hates everyone


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