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    Faces and Heels. Works only when they ACTUALLY used properly.

    Okay, lately WWE's been really shitty in getting their wrestler's in the right places in stories.
    Keep CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Miz, Alberto Del Rio heels. Make Randy Orton and Sheamus as heels. Make everyone what they are best at, even John Cena, being a "good guy" is over rated nowadays.

    If there should be a face, it should be someone who doesn't always put on a stupid smile every time they cut down a heel, that fights for them and only them, unless someone smaller can't defend themselves. Don;t pander to the young fans.

    Stone Cold and Rock are the best examples of great heels, but I hate every time WWE makes someone face, that wrestler ALWAYS has to smile big, Randy Orton is someone who doesn't always smile, but he doesn't have anything else to him, he's better as a heel. John Cena's just an idiot who looks stupid when his good guy promos that, on some level, suppose to be funny, don't work. His promos don't get any pop unless he insults the heels with sex jokes. That's it.

    The John Cena & Sheamus promo on Raw proves none of them are funny nor ca carry a good promo. They are not proper "Face" material. Superman was never funny, and he never tried to be, so why does Cena even try? If WWE need faces, then they shouldn't try so hard in making them polite, smiley, and calls heels "meanies". They're not pussies! Stone Cold & Rock were better at gaining more kids as fans by not caring who they talked to or cared if anyone was polite or not to them. They treated everyone the same.

    An example of heels becoming faces by accident that WWE shouldn't mess with, is "Hell No," Kane and Bryan went into anger management as heels and remained tag team champions as heels because of their ability and destructive combination. The things they say to each other in promos is funny because they don't try hard, they just let their heel egos clash and it's seemless and funny as hell. Kane's "I'm going to Disney Land!" was unexpected because you'd never expect that, and he wanted to get at Bryan by dumping the Gatorade on him and getting the last laugh. Bryan with his "No!" catch phrase and Kane with him not caring what happens to his partner. Although, lately having them fight "Shield" is worrying me, that they will start becoming something hideously painful if they start smiling while they start struging with the "Nos" and "Yeses" between them for the fans.

    And there are those that are great as a heel or a face, an example was John Morrison, he could be an asshole or a cool laid back kinda guy. His great face moment came when he fought Sheamus for simply respect, not titles or anything, a great rivalry in 2010. Sure he called Sheamus a bully, but it's not like he made "not-so-funny" promos insulting him, it was, "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" and BLAM! it happened. Nothing cheesy about it. And of course there is the "Be Jealous!" side of him that can get under anyone's skin, but made you wanna cheer him though. And this guy doesn't need to be kind to everyone, or be a smiley "like-me! I'm smiling a lot and call the mean baddies on their not-so-very-nice things!" No, he was a man about everything! WWE should convince Morrison to return if they want a good face to fight against the heels in the WWE and make another face fans can relate to and become another good main eventer.

    I just wish WWE would give these guys a chance to choose what side they are on, or learn from what works. Everytime I think of a WWE face, no matter who it is, I always know, Santino Marella is what they are gunning for and is what they get.

    And for the record, I'm glad Ken Anderson went to TNA, because him as a face was making me sick.

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