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  • I've always been a supporter of face Miz.

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  • I haven't been behind the Miz until he showed us what he could do with Punk.

    9 20.00%
  • I'm not convinced yet. He still needs some more tweaking.

    11 24.44%
  • There's absolutely no way face Miz will EVER work no matter what they do with him.

    7 15.56%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Ape View Post
    So the guy hits all of the scripted face turn bullet-points that any other person on the roster could have hit, and that's somehow cause for celebration?
    Well, since WWE is trying to push him as a traditional babyface, with his usual underlying arrogance, I find it important that he gets those sort of mannerisms under wrap. And the fact that he was able to execute well with the WWE Champion speaks volumes. He convincingly opposed WWE's top heel as a face whilst preserving his touch for mic work. That's a cause for celebration IMO so yes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Ape View Post
    Sorry, that does absolutely nothing to instill any sort of confidence in me that he's going to be anything remotely special in the role.
    Well, you can feel that way and it's cool.

    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Ape View Post
    And really, not making one cringe shouldn't be the standard for excellence. But then again, maybe that's a testament to the state of things; we as fans no longer demand superlative, as we're just happy to get passable.
    Of course not. I just stated it as a bonus as I feel that The Miz is one of the few people who could have made that sort of promo work out. All the same, that exclusive advantage isn't necessarily my excuse for my praise. Like I said, just an appreciation for his mick work and how he's flexible enough to make it work as both a face and a heel.


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