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  • I've always been a supporter of face Miz.

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  • I haven't been behind the Miz until he showed us what he could do with Punk.

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  • I'm not convinced yet. He still needs some more tweaking.

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  • There's absolutely no way face Miz will EVER work no matter what they do with him.

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    Have You Been Convinced?

    For the past month, the WWE has been subtly pushing The Miz as a babyface. Of course, with his gimmick, it wouldn't be surprising that people would believe that babyface Miz would be impossible an that there was no way he was going to get over as one. Even his Survivor Series ovation didn't seem to convince some of our own member on the chat room during the PPV event. But, this past RAW, Miz had the chance to cut a promo with CM Punk and in my mind, that was it.

    That was the opportunity that The Miz needed. Sure, he has great mic skills and all but prior to last night, it seemed that Miz really didn't have a lot of motivation to switch sides or show any sort of credible opposition to the heels except for getting shoehorned in a heavily modified Survivor Series main event with barely any build-up. But now, he's not only had the chance to interact as an antagonist to the king of heels ATM but his execution was (forgive me Laycool) flawless.

    Talking smack to the WWE Champion was definitely the right call as it gave Miz main event exposure as a face and from the way he had the crowd in his hand, he couldn't have fit the role better. The chemistry he had with Punk was fantastic and if that doesn't get people behind the Miz as a face, then I don't know what will.

    But what do you think? Has WWE made a miz-take by trying to make him a face? If not, has everything done to this point been fruitless as you still think there isn't anything substantial with his babyface run? Or, if you've been a a supporter all along, was that moment with Punk just icing on the cake?


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