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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    I did predict this as well... There is nothing wrong with cena helping him get over... though after reading more pages of this thread it would make sense if ziggler won with some help.
    Ok, I missed that. To be fair I did just skim through most of the posts!

    El T Draino: It all looks like they're setting up Rock vs Cena 2 to unify the titles as you say, I'm just keeping everything crossed that they're playing us and there's a swerve coming.

    Divas to believe in.

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    Lol at first I got angry like shit,I thought That it was all for Dolph..
    And then..I can't resist but laugh like hell..
    It seems like everyone came across the same possibility and same hope...
    Lolololol Just because of Ziggler,our dear Ambrose,Tyler and Reighns are becoming heroes our of the dark xD
    On a more serious note,The hilarious booking as Dennis said,would be Dolph cashing in before the match,and the price becomes the whc.
    The "We need to riot" scenario would be dolph loosing fair and square,and Cena cashing in just to loose again.
    My humble opinion would be that Dolph must profit from this feud to become the real deal.

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    If John Cena wins MITB Then I was way off about Dolph's big push right now.

    I still say Dolph wins with the help of a heel turning AJ, via Lita helping Edge.

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    I said this before a while back that i could see AJ turning on cena...and in that match with dolph and cena not only would dolph keep his case...AJ would be a heel and with Dolph which i think is quite cool...or would they be face? cause dolph leaving vickie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMBison View Post
    If Cena does beat Ziggler, and does face Rock with both titles on the line at WrestleMania 29...then by WWE logic, Cena will become the 1st guy EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER to unify both titles.
    OK but what about the Royal Rumble match winner ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny Kaos View Post
    Love how everyone has overlooked my post about him cashing it in before hand. It would be epic
    That would be epic.

    But: what if they have him cash in, win the title, Vickie and Dolph smirk, Vince tells him he still has a match with Cena, and makes it a title match. Cena would'nt even look weak, because everybody wants to see Vickie screwed. I personally would scratch my eyes out if I have to watch this, but I just wanted to point out that even your beautiful scenario can be Cenafied.
    Chris Jericho: 'Without a storyline, wrestling is just two guys in their underwear rolling around half naked.'

    Jim Cornette: 'They think they have to make up for it by doing all this devastating stuff, but the stuff isn’t devastating if you don’t beat people with it. Then you’re just going out there exposing the business.'

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    "Everybody wants to see Vickie screwed".

    That is all.

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    Oh I hope Shield don't get involved, there's only 3 of them Cena has crushed much bigger stables than that without much effort, I'd like their push to get under way before they're back in developmental at least, then repackaged as terminators from the future instead of............ hey wait, it worked out well for Ryback, I guess one of them might get over after the repackage if they break their ankle and miss the squash that makes the others lowercard nothings. So yeah Ziggler could take the loss, Shield cant take the 4 weeks of beat downs from Cena and the single handed vanquishing which would surely follow

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    1. Cena wins the briefcase

    2. After a brutal chairs match, Show manages to retain, but barely.

    3. Cena runs down the ramp with a ref, and cashes the MITB.

    4. Cena attempts the AA but Show manages to slip off Cena's shoulders.

    5. KO PUNCH!!!!

    6. 1, 2, 3!!! Ding, ding ding!! Cena is the only one to fail TWICE at cashing in the MITB briefcase.

    7. Dolph out to laugh at Cena and keep their feud going to the Rumble.

    8. Both Cena and Dolph enter the Rumble.

    9. Dolph wins by eliminating Cena last!!

    10. Dolph recovers his spot at challenging the champ.

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    If Cena wins this MITB and wins then I will REALLY officially end watching WWE until Cena retires for good. Hell I will give it up for an entire year or two if Cena wins. But I see AJ Lee screwing Cena and Dolph retaining his MITB case. AJ will turn heel and Dolph will cash in at the PPV. but lose it to Show some how and it will be SHOW VS Ryback for the World Title at WM29 and the FANS Chant GOLDBERG!

    I get that Big E Langston dropped the NXT CHAMPIONSHIP Bo Dallas out of all people? WTF!


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