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    So what does Cena do now? He puts over up and coming talent. His feud with Ziggler has shown Cena as dominant throughout, he's already pinned Ziggler clean (last Monday on Raw) and has nothing to prove. But by putting the MitB case on the line in a ladders match he can help elevate Ziggler to the top. Everyone will be talking about their match from here until Wrestlemania so long as The Sheild aren't involved. Win, lose or draw Ziggler's stock will rise (unless the match stinks and he's buried afterwards).
    I hope you're right man. A lot of people are making valid points. I wrote this OP in a moment of panic, like a 12 yr old girl defending Twilight. As I sit back and really analyze, I think it could go either way.

    On one hand, Cena could put Zigs over as a few members have suggested. He could cement his push into the main event scene with any form of win over Cena. Obviously, my fingers are firmly crossed for that. I think its well deserved, and the right move for the WWE as they looked to build new stars. (That said, I know the WWE owes me absolutely nothing and my opinion is strictly an opinion.)

    On the other hand, I can't help but agree with those saying, "Why else make the match? Why else get Vince involved with tailor-fitting the stipulation to perfectly set up Cena vs Rock II to unify the titles?" It really does seem too catered to NOT happen. As I mentioned early, this has suddenly become the biggest match on the card in terms of impact and implications moving toward Mania. Should be a doozy!

    "I'm so damn good when I'm finished there won't be a dry eye - or dry seat - sorry ladies - in the entire arena." #HEEL


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