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    cos he was rubbish??? Just a stab in the dark...

    R.I.P. Guys

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    Eric who.... lol. Who cares.

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    hi why did nuzio leaves wwe

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    Watch this video from 15:30 onwards, followed by this one, it's footage of Shelton and Charlie Haas at ROH from just two weeks ago. I tapped at how awesome this match was. WWE were just holding him (and Haas) down really.

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    Eric Escobar, the last time I heard anything about him he was cutting grass down in Florida.

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    I almost forgot about this guy.
    I am trying my best to get this account back. XOXOXOXOXOXO~ -PandaMassacre

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    Quote Originally Posted by MICHAEL SAVELLI View Post
    hi why did you leaves wwe ERIC ESCOBAR
    Hi why do u write these dumb posts about lame wrestlers and u act like they are reading the posts lol Hi Eric Why did u leave wwe wtf

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    Eric Escobar was very out of shape and was obviously having a hard time in adapting to WWE's wrestling style. If you add to that he always has been a below average wrestler (even in Puerto Rico). Not the case with the likes of Carlito and Judas Messiah (Ricky Banderas).

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    must suck to be him he was in devolpment for about 4 years goes to smackdown and gets fired a month later lol

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    Stop spamming with these annoying posts!!!
    "Well, well, well! It is I the quintessential studmuffin Joel 'Just like the Rubix Cube, the more you play with it, the harder it gets' Gertner"

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