View Poll Results: Should Rey and Sin Cara face of at Wrestlemania 29?

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  • Yes, it is about time and I want to see this as soon as possible.

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  • No, they should get built up more as a tag team and face at Wrestlemainia 30

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    Today's Talk: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara

    Welcome to another edition of Today's Talk where I bring up a topic in the WWE or TNA if I ever get to watching it. Our last edition talked about when Ziggler will cash-in and the majority said that he would NOT cash-in at TLC. People who are watching, maybe this will help you get extra points in that prediction contest. Anyways, today's talk is focused on rey mysterio and sin cara. Ever since these two have been teaming together, they have both been better off (unless sin cara wrestle's alone and has those stupid lights.) These will most likely be leading to a Wrestlemania face-off, but is next year the right way to go? My Take on Today's Talk is that they should wait til Wrestlemania 30. Not only will it be a bigger stage, but the feud would be better as well. They are one of the most exciting teams in the WWE, yet if they are only together for a little while, the tag team division will fall as well as a possible better feud. I think that they should stay together for one more year, hold the tag titles for a while and at Wrestlemania 30, rey puts sin cara over and finally retires on a strong match. That is my take as it strengthens the tag team division and makes it all around better for both. How about you? What is your take of Today's Talk? Answer the poll above, comment below and stay frosty


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