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    WWE Tag Team division Featuring - Hardy boys

    Before i start i have a little note for you -

    I have only been on these forums for not long, only a couple weeks i think and i only just registered today. I have a little idea of what to do with the Tag Team division in WWE up untill somewhere in 2013, also another note - This may be unrealistic and quite breif so please do not abuse me heavily and also it's a little bit of fantasy but just have a read and tell me what you all think.

    My idea of what to do with the tag team division is make it a main event division of it's own and have it mainly on Smackdown, this increasing Smackdown . Have Team Hell No become more dominant and destructive force, have them take out all tag team that get in their way in all different kind of matches e.g Steel cage, Street brawls and maybe even a Tag team elimination chamber match. And some point in 2013, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy return to WWE and come out and attack Team Hell no and challenge them to a normal or tornado match at the next PPV and then have Team Hell no cheat the win ( at this point Team Hell no are the likeable Heel team and Hardy boys are the likeable Face team, this making a good crowd diversion ). Have a team like Titus and Darren cheat Jeff and Matt from the win and then have some smackdown story lines going on between those two team with Team hell no watching on commentary and backstage and all of that. The Hardys will always come out victorious against Titus and Darren and then have a tag team battle royal and have all the tag teams take part on it, The Usos, Titus & Darren, Hardys, Gabriel & Kidd, Santino & Ryder etc and the winner face Team Hell No at the next PPV under their own match stipulations.Have the Hardy boys win the battle royal and face Team Hell No in a ladders match, Hardy's win.

    The hardy's would hold the title and it could set up for a dudley boys or Miz and Morrison return and have storyline back and forth between the hardys & dudleys. Team Hell no would go on to both be single competetors again but stay a stable, have Bryan be at ringside for Kane matches etc.

    Thoughts anyone? i'm sorry for lack of imagination and not detail about PPV's and dates. First thread so be nice

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