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  • Yes, he will cash in at TLC and lose at Wrestlemania

    3 16.67%
  • Yes, he will cash in at TLC but he will not be losing at WrestleMainia

    2 11.11%
  • No, he will not cash in at TLC

    13 72.22%
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    Today's Talk: Ziggler cashing in

    Welcome to another edition of Today's Talk and I am your host, Nitro! Yesterday we looked at whether Ryback would beat Kane's Record and most people said he would not. Moving to a heated topic of the WWE right now, when is Dolph Ziggler cashing in? Everyone is expecting it to happen now at TLC, but is that really the place? My take on Today's Talk is that it seems to familiar, but it will most likely happen. What I am sad about is that he will most likely drop it a WrestleMania, just like Daniel Bryan. It seems that it was too easy and that it is just a copy of last year. Last year's happened with a chair match and Big Show as well! WOAHHHHHHHH. My question to you though is, if Ziggler does win and holds it to Wrestlemania, who should he face? That will be your take on Today's Talk. Like before, answer poll above, comment below and stay frosty!


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