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    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    Divas provide nothing but eye candy. Their wrestling is shit. Their acting is shit (but to be fair, so is most of the guys). They take the focus away from everything they're involved in because so many virgins, er I mean wrestling fans can't stop drooling over them. Without them you wouldn't have these stupid angles involving weddings, hidden camera affairs and 'that bitch stole my man' Jerry Springer-fests. Nobody comes to wrestling for the chicks - NOBODY. They belong in the realm of midgets with regard to wrestling - an uneccesary sideshow attraction.

    That enough for ya?
    I do agree with most of what you are saying. I don't have a problem with valets though, for example divas like vickie can be a mouth piece for a superstar who just isn't a great talker. I don't know if divas are as bad as you think though, some of their matches have some quality to them. I always liked watching lita vs trish stratus... then again when this was happening I was a teenager... so you know there was that . I think wwe is doing ok with divas right now... they are there but we just don't really care about them... I forget that divas like alicia fox are even on the roster.


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