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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside Ron Garvin View Post
    The Alamodome can be set up in many different ways to accommodate this PPV. Just because a stadium has a "max capacity" of 70k doesn't mean they will have 70k seat open to the public. With the size of the venue, they will most likely set it up for a max of 4-7k fans in the Illusions Theater and if the event sells out, they have the ability to redesign the layout for more or less people. This also allows for them to have pyros at their PPV, which always seems weird to see when they don't have them (i.e. BFG, and Slammiversary X). I do not think that this is a "bad move" for TNA since they are coming back to a state in which they had a great reception last time they visited. It also puts them closer to Houston, which also has a bigger market of fans who would be willing to make the 2 hour trip for the PPV. It will all come down to ticket pricing for the event (I am planning on buying front row tickets, regardless of price this year. 4th row was great for SlammiX, but why not get by the guard rail this time?) as to how many buys they will get...

    I fail to see why you view this as a "negative" thing right off the bat. Just like when TNA was in the UK, they booked Wembley without prior knowledge as to how many fans would show up. Once they had an idea from ticket sales, they were able to redesign the stadium layout to fit the need for the amount of people they had. If SlammiX was a test for a PPV market of the Texas fan base, it is only reasonable for them to find a bigger venue to try and get that "rowdy Texas crowd" on a bit of a bigger scale.

    I'm figuring they going use at least 10 to 20,000 seats...... It doubtful they will try to sell 70,000 .... Thus set up the arena, stage, production and announce and all thus 10,000 would be a good crowd for TNA's 2nd or 3rd biggest PPV...
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