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    Typical TNA

    You know, TNA is doing so well. Now they've gotten rid of Vince Russo the TV show is much more coherent and you'd think the people working backstage are somewhat knowledgeable of what they should do with the show and the general direction of their company.
    But, once in a while they just have to let you know, that despite their great improvements in the last year(and they have improved greatly) they must let you know that this wrestling promotion is still TNA.
    Even though they removed the crap from the creative side of the company, the corporate side still has the same kind of stupid people working for them. Particularly the owner of the company, Dixie Carter.

    TNA announced they are going to run the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas for Lockdown.
    A stadium with a maximum capacity of 70.000. Despite drawing 4000+ at best for BFG last year.
    I don't think lowering the ticket prices, like WWE did back in the 90s is going to work.
    Just imagine how that will look on PPV.

    ''Ricardo Rodriguez is the best character on WWE TV.''


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