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    Rob Rage/Sagittarius Blue vs. Shaz/Chris Divine
    Choices: elimination/texas tornado/submission

    IWA World Tag Team Championships
    Black Blooded vs. Damaged Goods

    Choices: Hell In A Cell/First Blood Elimination/Tornado Tables

    #1 contenders Tag Match

    Hart/Kidd vs. Carlos/VHX
    Carlos/VXS vs. KayFaboulus
    Kayfaboulus vs. Carlos/VHX
    Kayfaboulos vs. Carlos/VHX vs. Hart/Kidd

    Bushido vs. Killa
    Choices: rap off/first blood/tables

    Wells vs. Edwards
    Wells vs. Ryder
    Wells vs. Edwards/Ryder

    Adonis vs. Light
    Choices: steel cage/inferno/buried alive

    Endurance Championship
    Fans Pick Represenatives
    Choices(Pick 1 for each person)

    Reps for Smyth(Darius,Killa,Steele) vs. Reps for Kyojin(Punk,Bushido,Cage)

    Pamich/Slayde vs. Elric/Draymen
    Choices: Iron Man/elimination table/ladder

    Ace Note/Jackson Smith/Oscar Laymen vs Domino/Jack Phenix/Mike Hawk
    Choices: Elimination/Finisher Only/Falls Count Anywhere

    Athena vs. Whiz
    Athena vs. Iceman
    Athena vs. Eddings
    Athena vs. Hollywood Homeboys/Eddings


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