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    Quote Originally Posted by ToiletBowl View Post
    They tried to change his look a while back and it failed miserably. They cut his hair short and went to his natural color. Took them a while to rebuild him after trying to repackage him.
    Everything else in the thread is null and void thanks to this wonderful statement.

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    What are you guys talking about? Cutting his hair and making it his normal hair color - to make him stand out?? Why, so he can have a short dark haired look like Rhodes, Del Rio, Bryan, Miz, DiBiase, Punk, Orton, etc? This is whole thread is odd to me.

    He's the only guy in the company with slicked back blonde hair. THATs how you use your hair to stand out, be the only one rocking it. His entire hair flicking thing goes away too. He also has mentioned several times that having long hair helps his selling look more effective. Everything about his gimmick is about standing out, being confident, being flashy despite not being 6'6 and a jacked... we'd like to shave his head and give him tats? He sounds like Gillberg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Kaymakcian View Post
    So let me get this straight. This guy is over as a heel and got WWE management to back him up in which they plan on giving a World title run, beat RKO clean, and possibly beat Cena. Now your plan is to scrap everything that made him successful and start from scratch? It's official no one, and that includes me, from the IWC should ever run a wrestling company.
    While it's a true statement, that fact has been "official" for a long time now...

    Quote Originally Posted by Double Axehandle View Post
    What the hell has his look got to do with being over with the smarks? He can still over sell, he can still do his promos with a few teaks but change his appearance. Last I checked people like the UT changed appearance and were still over, so did Kane, so did cena, so did happens and it typically helps the wrestler.
    When did Ryback change his look after being over with the Smarks? While Reeves did change from Skip to Ryback, he in no way was ever "over" while doing so. If anything, the repackaging got him over.

    Quote Originally Posted by akbar View Post
    I'd rather masturbate to your picture of Carnage.

    Quote Originally Posted by B-MCINTYRE View Post
    DRG hates everyone

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    I think Dolph Ziggler is fine how he is to be honest.
    I did like the second version of his theme song (Downstait did that one too) but I'm cool with his current one too.

    As far as his look goes, he's fine.

    The only thing I'd be for changing is his finisher. The Zig Zag is indeed a bad finisher. As a signature move it's fine, but it's no finisher. A bit like Wade Barrett and Wasteland. The move is a good one to have as a signature, but it's no finisher. They've changed things with Barrett and given him a good finisher., hope they do the same with Ziggler in due course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior View Post
    He needs a new name. The name Dolph Ziggler is cheesy, unrealistic, and doesn't scream "Superstar", "Headliner", or "Face of the Company".

    Change his finisher. The Zig Zag? Really? And it looks less effective than a body slam.

    Stop overselling. It looks ridiculous. Learn to do promos. All he does it talk. It's boring. Cut the hair and at least attempt to look like a man. Stop wearing pink. The showoff gimmick is just silly. Do something to draw interest from people other than the Zigglites on websites like this.

    Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing.
    That name thing i said a few weeks ago in another thread. Dolph Ziggler is the cheesiest name ever.

    i think He should go towards being the next 'Mr. Perfect'. Something like that. Just drop that unbelievably ridiculous name.
    Wrestling lost the spectacle factor.

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    From what I've seen, he just needs to act more like a heel. He tries to win his matches by being better than everyone(Which is what Punk should be doing), and rarely ever doing a lot of heel tactics, as it pertains to winning. Though, I may just be missing them.
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    I would keep him exactly the way he is for a while. Last time they tried to change him it was a total DISASTER. As a matter of fact they did it kinda like your idea. They cut his hair and changed it to a brown color and they tried to give him this tough guy say nothing gimmick and in failed miserably. It just wasn't... "Dolph" anymore. He plays a much much better cocky heel IMHO
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    I wouldn't change Dolph at all. He doesn't need it. The only thing he needs is a solid babyface push to get more everyday fans behind him.

    Can you imagine a CM Punk vs Dolph Ziggler Summer Slam Main Event for the WWE championship with Dolph as the babyface. That's the future people. Reminds me of HBK first heel to face turn.

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    I don't think he should change anything he just starting to get there with his current gimmick and i love the showoff gimmick so why change it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior View Post

    Learn to do promos. All he does *is talk.

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    [thinks about midcard]

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