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    Cool Ziggler needs a make over (ideas inside)

    He has the talent, he is learning the promos now all that's missing is a unique look to separate him from previous wrestlers. So how would you change Ziggler's look and I mean everything from his hair right down to the color of his boots. Change it all if you have to.

    I would have him shave his head bald, get him 1 badass looking tattoo on his right bicep, change his trunks from pink to dark red with a Z logo and have him with tapped forearms like punk but not as high up the arm.
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    I don't know, I think the gimmick works. he has charisma and does well as a show off.


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    I don't think he should change anything he just starting to get there with his current gimmick and i love the showoff gimmick so why change it?

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    I wouldn't change anything, Ziggler is the man! he's just waiting to get the go ahead and IMO, he will become a star if not so already, I like the look he has now also.

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    The only thing I would change would be going back to pink. The blue and yellow combination is getting out of hand. *more focused on the shirt to be honest*

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    He should cut his hair, he looks better with short hair, and go back to wearing the trunks with the zipper on the front. Other than that, he's fine.

    He should go back to the pink shirt, or keep the same design in another color. I liked the tongue in cheek pun of the back of his shirt reading "IF YOU BACK IT UP" as he shakes his ass on the entrance ramp.

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    Every wrestler should not wear pink. Pink is not a mans color. Other than that, get him away from downstait theme songs. Am i the only one whose noticed that they all start with "things are exactly as they seem"? He needs some either more high octane with his show off gimmick or something slower and heavier.. for a more arrogant approach. His current one kinda falls in the middle... doesnt really make an impression on me.

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    He is the super seller hes amazing with the show off gimmick
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    He needs a new name. The name Dolph Ziggler is cheesy, unrealistic, and doesn't scream "Superstar", "Headliner", or "Face of the Company".

    Change his finisher. The Zig Zag? Really? And it looks less effective than a body slam.

    Stop overselling. It looks ridiculous. Learn to do promos. All he does it talk. It's boring. Cut the hair and at least attempt to look like a man. Stop wearing pink. The showoff gimmick is just silly. Do something to draw interest from people other than the Zigglites on websites like this.

    Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing.

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