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  • HHH

    5 15.63%
  • Orton

    9 28.13%
  • Taker

    5 15.63%
  • CM Punk

    3 9.38%
  • Other

    10 31.25%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pumpkinhead View Post
    I wouldn't say Taker because ther are problems between him and Lensar, Punk and Orton will probably be in the title scene so I voted HHH since they already had a feud and Hunter's ego is too big to just left things like it ended LOL
    Well that is what would make the match great.

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    I hope it's anyone other then HHH although we all know that HHH vs Brock 2 is going to happen. I don't think that Taker vs Brock would happen (even though it would be a great match with there history) since Taker really needs to face a full time wrestler who is looking to get a push. Brock does not need a push and is not even going to be around much longer in WWE.

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    Taker hates Lesnars guts. No way he will give him a chance to end the streak. And as of now. I would love to see him go against Punk. Just cause i dont like them both, and that way i get to see either Punk or Lesnar lose at Mania. Yay.
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    Brock should face Ryback, to get Ryback over as the next dominate force. End of story. Your Welcome.

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    I went for Orton i just think it could be really interesting!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karsten Langenfeld View Post
    Taker hates Lesnars guts. No way he will give him a chance to end the streak.
    It would be a travesty.. and Undertaker would'nt deserve it happening.. but Brock doing a number on him and legitimately making Undertaker tap at Wrestlemania.. it would blow my mind. It would be an absolute d&#k move, unforgivable.. even more legendary than the Montreal Screw Job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by helmsley View Post
    taker, they have unfinished business and its a huge seller match, waaaay better than punk taker
    i don't think i would trust lesner with that
    since his deal will finich come 'Mania, his aforementioned problems with Taker, his comfortable finacial status Paul heyman says he has and the fact that brock loves controversy and would probably love to upstage and tarnish takers wretlemania legacy simply because he could

    brock lesner has no loyalty to the business so why play the rules. Lesener is onlythere to keep himself busy since he otherwise would be retired at a young age and go mad with nothing to do

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    My pick is Undertaker.
    My secondary pick is Punk. However, I'm not sure how good of a match that would be if it's a WWE title match, since everyone knows that Taker's retired apart form his annual Mania match, so nobody will believe that Taker's winning that match. That would also mean that the streak would end, which isn't something I want to see.

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    They should have him beat Ryback within inches of his life and pull a screwjob at the last minute in order to get Lesnar out of there, never to be seen in a WWE ring again. I never considered Lesnar all that great to begin with. He doesn't sell well and he looks like a big clumsy oaf looking to find a way to hit his finisher.

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    I went with Orton, might cause injury though to the Glass Cannon and get Lesnar fired but it keeps both of them out of the title picture at least, I've enjoyed Orton's absence from it as it's meant a lot less promo's from him. I don't want Lesnar in the Streak Match or a title match cause then there'd likely be three part timers over the three biggest events

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