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  • HHH

    5 15.63%
  • Orton

    9 28.13%
  • Taker

    5 15.63%
  • CM Punk

    3 9.38%
  • Other

    10 31.25%
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    Who should Brock Lesnar face at WM29?

    I'm asking this because I have no idea who will face him. I certainly don't want to see HHH/Lesnar 2. I think that is most likely to happen o. I'd like to see Orton, Taker, or CM Punk vs Lesnar at Mania this year. What do you think? Who do you want to see face Brock Lesnar at WM29? Vote and discuss........

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    tough choice but i suppose i'll go with Orton since i feel if they give him his supposed monster push over the next few months, him and lesner could put on a pretty decent match at 'Mania.

    i might have said taker but they already had some great matches ten years ago, so is best to leave the memories alone

    another triple h match seems most likely but altogether their last match didn't live up to the hype for

    as for punk, i just can't see an enjoyable dynamic between the those two, but the heyman factor would be interesting

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    I wouldn't say Taker because ther are problems between him and Lensar, Punk and Orton will probably be in the title scene so I voted HHH since they already had a feud and Hunter's ego is too big to just left things like it ended LOL

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    taker, they have unfinished business and its a huge seller match, waaaay better than punk taker

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    My vote is for other, someone like ryback could be a great match up for brock... well you know as good as he will get to a good match at wrestlemania. reasons I didn't pick anyone else
    Orton-should face ziggler for the whc
    HHH- should stay home
    Taker- should face someone like punk, cena, or even the rock
    Punk- why put a great wrestler against someone who can't sell?


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    I wanna see CM Punk vs Undertaker .. So i voted Orton

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    I would like to see Lesnar wrestle with the door knob on his way out. The guy is useless and does nothing for wrestling or wrestling fans. Since they are intent on showing me this guy on their programming though, I'd want Orton to beat him and show him why he won a world title being younger than Lesnar was.

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    Honetly, no one if all hes gonna do is kimmora lock his way through the match.

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    Quote Originally Posted by helmsley View Post
    taker, they have unfinished business and its a huge seller match, waaaay better than punk taker
    To bad we all know Brock has 0% chance of ending it... Boring

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    Brock Lesnar will face Triple H or The Undertaker. One of these 2 or nobody else.

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