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    Quote Originally Posted by Playboy Stevie V View Post
    Who's stealing from who?

    How far do you want me to go back? WWWF? AWA? WCCW? UWF?

    Oh it's being done to close together? Like DX and the NWO? Demolition and LOD?

    Or secret affairs that have been done like a million times like Dusty Rhodes and babydoll despite of Tully Blanchard in like 1982 are suddenly original and TNA owns that credit?

    Thanks Kurt Angle for tweeting that the WWE is copying you, because people actually believe you. And thanks AJ Styles for backing up your buddies asinine claim on TV, because it was brilliant. Made you look original when you are not and gave credit to Angle's dumbass claims, when Angle himself's persona is a rip off from Ken Patera and his ankle lock he claims he invented was done by Ken Shamrock before he did it.

    Did you know Tom Brady invented the forward pass? *eyes rolling*

    ^^^^^^^^ so much win!


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