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    Quote Originally Posted by TempestH View Post
    Is it really a problem if Kofi is a midcarder for life? Just because someone doesn't win a World Title doesn't necessarily mean they're a "failure". WWE needs to get out of this "only main eventers matter" method of booking. It hurts the entire roster as a whole. As soon as someone gets over, they're hotshotted to the top of the card, and get a World Title shot, or even a run with the belt. But then when it's someone else's turn in the spotlight, said main eventer ends up getting stuck. Because they can't fit in the World Title picture, but they're "too good" for the midcard belts now, they're stuck squashing jobbers for weeks or being randomly stuck in meaningless feuds just for the sake of getting them on the PPV card.

    The thing WWE got used to depend on a big star and stop focusing in iother areas, that's way the product is suffering a decline

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    Destined to always be a midcarder i think.

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    for him to be a heel that would strongly suggest no entrance pyro. nah fam. aint havin dat.

    [thinks about midcard]


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